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Testimonial – Aaron – Omaha, NE

“First of all I want to thank KayakJack for all of his help. I probably wouldn’t have done this well without him.

I spent a few days out at Rock Creek this week, and it was some of the best fishing I have experienced in a while. I caught over 100 fish in two days, including 1 18″ channel cat, 4 big fat dark green bass, all between 12-15″, at least 2 dozen crazy trout that went airborne every time I hooked one, a boatload of perch; some up to 9 inches, a few nice crappie, one big readear, I saw some HUGE perch and sunfish that weren’t willing to bite, and on my last cast, I hooked something that bent my ultralight completely over and was gone in less than 10 seconds. Everything was caught on small jigs and inline spinners, except the cat…he was caught on cutbait.

The weather was perfect, the lake was beautiful, the water was crystal clear with almost 6 feet of visibility, KayakJack was incredibally helpful, and I would recommend Rock Creek to anyone.”

Testimonial – Nancy-Johnson Lake, NE

Thanks so much for a great experience! Loved the pictures Betty sent on to me. We love to tell everyone how much fun it is to fish from a kayak. Enjoyed the meal. You are a delightful person and guide. Thanks again.

Testimonial – Rick – North Platte, NE

Just wanted to let you know that your kayak fishing was EXCELLENT. As I mentioned as we were talking, this was just the “reconnaissance” trip. The next time I come down I will camp at the lake for a couple of days and we can get in on more of the evening action.

And…………here is a picture of your double-header. I’ll be watching for this to show up on your website!

Testimonial – Jim Bob-Lincoln, NE

Spring time in Binkleman has its challenges when it comes to fishing. kJ, Marty or KayakJak, take your pick, he’ll answer to any of these names. I’m partial to KayakJak. This is a guy who’s passion for the world of kayaking and especially kayak fishing is unsurpassed!

I’ve had the honor and privilege to have spent 2 days kayaking and fishing with KayakJak. As noted above, spring time fishing has its challenges. I’ve never met KayakJac live and in person. Talked to him a couple of times on the phone and pestered him for information by email and watched several videos of him on Utube. From the first minute of meeting him, I had the feeling that we had been friends for a lifetime. That’s what type of guy he is. No hype and no air about him. KayakJak is the real deal, the Indiana Jones of kayak fishing.
Being new to the sport of kayak fishing, KayakJak’s approach to the “newbie” was terrific. He’s very professional without the stuffyness that sometimes follows a professional guide or instructor.

Talk about going out of his way to make your trip into a lifetime memory, I swear this guy planted some fish so I could experience what it’s like to catch a fish from a kayak. While giving me space to practice some of the tips he had for me, KayakJak scouted ahead and found the hiding places of the ever elusive LMB.
Geez- I’ve just read thru the above, kinda sounds a little hokie and like he paid me to say the things above, no I paid him! And not near enough for what I got!
Jim Bob-Lincoln, NE

Fishing Report: Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fished at Swanson in the AM before church. Brisk north winds hampered our quest for a fish. CJ and I latched kayaks but the drift was too fast even with an anchor. We paddled the shoreline a bit and CJ fished the jetty a little before heading to church. After lunch we headed out to Rock Creek. It was turning into a beautiful day! CJ decided on trying to catch a cat for his contest. He had one on but it broke off. A few minutes later he landed a 16 incher. "Good enough!" He said. So we are both still alive in the contest. We also had several rental kayaks out today.
Later I fished for Largemouth and really hammered them! Caught several in the 14-17 inch range using a spinnerbait. Then on my last cast I hooked into a hawg! A nice 20 inch 4 pound+ Largemouth. The water clarity is not bad in most parts of the lake. Trout are really thick right now. All in 12 inch range. Starting to see bigger bluegill and crappie come out of the lake. One interesting observation was watching a bluegill trying to catch a bug that was bouncing like a basketball on the top of the water. I'll bet that bluegill leaped out of that water three times completely out of the water after that bug. After several attempts the Bluegill was finally successful.

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