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Kayakjak’s 2019 Recap

It looks like the kayak fishing season is over for me in 2019. Many goals accomplished. Numerous new friends along the way. Thousands of miles traveled and eight different states fished. The best part…just fishing! It’s the tug for me. But I do keep stats! Keeps my brain firing synapses and burning all that extra glycogen. My main goal was to catch 2,019 fish for 2019. Mission accomplished! Caught 2,371 fish this year. 2,106 of them were bass. I’m sure there are those out there who most likely catch more but with my current occupation it is difficult to fish as much as I would like. I averaged 17.6 fish caught per trip for a total of 134 trips this year.

I fished in 61 tournaments, of which 37 were live and 23 online. Finishing in the top 5 was my goal in most tournaments and I had 42 of 61 Top 5 finishes for 69%. As for Top 10 finishes I had 51 of 61 for 84% of the time. Sixteen first places capped the season. Some of the most memorable finishes were at the KBF National Championships where I finished 37th and took home $600 in addition to the National Team Cup Champions with my teammates winning $10,000. That was a lot of fun! The Major League and Kayakapalooza are two of my favorites and took first in both of them again this year. I finished 2nd in the AOY standings for The Sticks-Nebraska Kayak Anglers Trail Series behind legendary Joshua Workman. Now he’s a STICK! Finished first in The Sticks-Tuesday Night League AOY and the AOY for the Sticks Thursday night league is still pending as Jareth Kaup and I are tied for the lead there.

I’ve qualified for the KBF National Championship for the fifth year in a row and it will be held at Guntersville, AL next spring.

I also had my highest finish in the AOY for the KBF finishing 22nd overall. Total winnings were $5,492.98 which helped pay my expenses when needed. My entry fees were paid for by KBF for the year as part of the prize package of the Team Cup Challenge.

My favorite guide trip was with ACT guru John Baylor and his son. They were simply awesome out there! It was also fun to host 9 youth events this year introducing even more youngsters to the sport of kayak fishing. I’m looking forward to the next season even though I’ll be turning 61. I’m starting to feel the effects of the physical and mental toll but that could be caused by other parts of my life too.

All I know is that I love this sport and love to see the success of everyone out there as well. It’s just plain fun! A big thanks to my beautiful wife Diane Hughes who supports my plastic boat adventures. Also, to my sponsors Bass Pro Shops, YakGear, Bending Branches, TourneyX.com, Kayakjak’s Outfitters and Fishing Guide Service, Strike King Lure Company, Emotion Kayaks, and supporters Select Sail & Sports, LLC., The Sticks – Nebraska Kayak Anglers, and all of my friends who constantly encourage me. I am very blessed to travel and participate and thank my Lord who created all of nature for us to enjoy!