Fishing Report: Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fished at Swanson in the AM before church. Brisk north winds hampered our quest for a fish. CJ and I latched kayaks but the drift was too fast even with an anchor. We paddled the shoreline a bit and CJ fished the jetty a little before heading to church. After lunch we headed out to Rock Creek. It was turning into a beautiful day! CJ decided on trying to catch a cat for his contest. He had one on but it broke off. A few minutes later he landed a 16 incher. "Good enough!" He said. So we are both still alive in the contest. We also had several rental kayaks out today.
Later I fished for Largemouth and really hammered them! Caught several in the 14-17 inch range using a spinnerbait. Then on my last cast I hooked into a hawg! A nice 20 inch 4 pound+ Largemouth. The water clarity is not bad in most parts of the lake. Trout are really thick right now. All in 12 inch range. Starting to see bigger bluegill and crappie come out of the lake. One interesting observation was watching a bluegill trying to catch a bug that was bouncing like a basketball on the top of the water. I'll bet that bluegill leaped out of that water three times completely out of the water after that bug. After several attempts the Bluegill was finally successful.

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