Testimonial – Aaron – Omaha, NE

“First of all I want to thank KayakJack for all of his help. I probably wouldn’t have done this well without him.

I spent a few days out at Rock Creek this week, and it was some of the best fishing I have experienced in a while. I caught over 100 fish in two days, including 1 18″ channel cat, 4 big fat dark green bass, all between 12-15″, at least 2 dozen crazy trout that went airborne every time I hooked one, a boatload of perch; some up to 9 inches, a few nice crappie, one big readear, I saw some HUGE perch and sunfish that weren’t willing to bite, and on my last cast, I hooked something that bent my ultralight completely over and was gone in less than 10 seconds. Everything was caught on small jigs and inline spinners, except the cat…he was caught on cutbait.

The weather was perfect, the lake was beautiful, the water was crystal clear with almost 6 feet of visibility, KayakJack was incredibally helpful, and I would recommend Rock Creek to anyone.”